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Technical questions
Do you persist instance of classes you developped
Do you persist instance of externals classes
Do you take care of field access (presentation/ppojo.html#directfield)
Do you take care of private method call from an instance of class to instance of the same class(presentation/ppojo.html#privatemethod)
Do you take care of use of getClass() (presentation/ppojo.html#classcompare)
Do you activated garbage (presentation/features.html#garbage)
Do you use crash safe mode (presentation/features.html#crashsafe)
Do you use rollback feature (presentation/features.html#rollback)
Do you use multiple data access session (presentation/features.html#multi)
Do you use annotation for classes storage setup (presentation/features.html#annotations)
Do you use IFilepersistence interface method for classes storage setup (IFilePersistence)

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