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Joafip setup properties

creation of file persistence manager setting up by properties file:

case where setup is in resource

IFilePersistence filePersistence=new FilePersistence("",false);

below the properties definitions:

joafip.path=<directory path where store files> 

joafip.fileAccessMode=<file access mode>

joafip.numberOfFileBuffer=<number of mapped buffer for mapped mode>

joafip.fileBufferSize=<mapped buffer size>

joafip.dataFileName=<file name>

joafip.backupDataFileName=<file name>

joafip.stateOkFlagFileName=<file name>

joafip.stateBackupOkFlagFileName=<file name>

joafip.globalStateFlagFileName=<file name>

joafip.maxFileOperationRetry=<value starting from 1>

joafip.fileOperationRetryMsDelay=<value from 0>

joafip.noMoreDataAction=<action identifier>, where <action idention> is one of the below values:

joafip.dataModelIdentifier=<identifier number, 1 by default>

joafip.dataModelConvertionDefFile=<conversion definition file name>

joafip.garbageManagement=enabled or disabled

joafip.proxyMode=enabled (default that should be used) or disabled (usefull for tests purposes)

joafip.crashSafeMode=enabled or disabled (default)

have to choose between security and speed

joafip.fileCache=enabled or disabled (default)

enabled is better for performances, better with greatest number of page as possible.

joafip.fileCache.pageSize=<page size ( number of byte ), must be greater or equals to 1024>

joafip.fileCache.maxPage=<maximum number of page for read cache>

joafip.maintainedInMemory=enabled or disabled (default)

joafip.maintainedInMemoryQuota=<positive or null integer value>

max number of object maintened in memory when object maintained in memory is enabled

joafip.autoSave=enabled or disabled (default)

joafip.maxInMemoryThreshold=<positive or null integer value>

number of object in memory threshold to trigger auto save when enabled

joafip.zipCompressionLevel=<value from 0 thru 9>

0 no compression
1 best speed (default)
9 best compression

joafip.substitutionOfJavaUtilCollection=enabled or disabled (default)

the java.util substitution

it is encouraged to use Joafip collections implementation ( best for persistence efficiency )

joafip.substitute.<to substitute class name>=<substitute class name>,<synchronizer class name>

set the class to substitute to an other class: after storing an object of class to substitute, an object of  substitute class instance will be get at reading. The origiinal and subsititude class must have the same interface. The synchronizer is to copy state of "to substitute" object to substitute object.

joafip.storeMode.<path class name>=<mode>

path class name:

full class name or package name to apply to all classes in the package


joafip.notStorable.<path class name>=enabled or disabled (default)

joafip.deprecatedInStore.<path class name>=enabled or disabled (default)

joafip.storeOnlyMarkedStorable=enabled or disabled (default)

joafip.forceEnhance.<path class name>=enabled or disabled (default)

Use to force proxy enhancement of a class even if class have "public final" method, take care when using this feature because a call to "public final" method of proxied class will not make the proxy load the object state.

joafip.objectIO.<class name>=<object input class name> <object output class name>

For expert, for really extreme case. Need to have knowledge of joafip internal object I/O mechanisms.

joafip.storedEnum.<enum class name>=enabled or disabled (default)

All enum persisted must be declared before any I/O operations.

joafip.storedMutableEnum.<enum class name>=enabled or disabled(default)

Declare class of persisted mutable enum

joafip.storedImmutableEnum.<enum class name>=enabled or disabled(default)

Declare class of persisted immutable enum

joafip.backgroundGarbageSweep= disabled (default) or sleep time in millisecond if enabled

Setup of the background garbage sweep.

joafip.interceptMethodEnd.<class name>=<method name> , <return type descriptor> ( , <params type descriptor> ) +

see descriptor

joafip.storedStatic.<class name>=enabled or disabled (default)

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joafip users mailing list

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